Rise of Resurgent India has begun: Reclaim lost glory

The rising is here. The erstwhile global leader has woken up from its killing sleep of thousand years. A Resurgent India is positively asserting it’s old glory. The glory which was attained by virtues of humane brilliance and Vedic idealism.

The nation which was a global role model of prosperity not only material but moral too. A nation that was materially prosperous, mentally healthy, spiritually rich and intellectually superior. This is not Nazi philosophy of Nordic race superiority, which translated to enslaving other races of humanity. That’s not us. This is Resurgent India.

That’s not a Vedic philosophy which was the engine of our global leadership thousand years ago. A lethally powerful emperor like Ashoka of 300 BC never invaded any Kingdom outside Bharat. He controlled more territories ever controlled by all Mughal rulers put together till date including Aurangzeb and Akbar.


Old India


He could have enslaved more Kings than any emperor ever did or dreamed in the human history. This was written by famous Greek traveler and diplomat Megasthenes. Why Ashoka did not invade territories outside Bharat- that’s something non-Indians will never understand.

That is the power of our rise- we are inherently peaceful people. Our culture, our roots do not teach or endorse violence in any form. Violence has never been our instrument of glory. Violence has never been endorsed by the Vedic mind. We rose with our Vedic brilliance then, we, the people from Resurgent India are rising with our Vedic brilliance today. That is the bottom line.

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