Types of Rudraksha and its Benefits: A Critical Study


There are different Types of Rudraksha and its Benefits also varies. Use of Rudraksha alleviates the suffering of human kinds and brings back an enormous amount of peace of mind to them.

Rudraksham though has a lot of benefits on our body and mind, there are some taboos associated with this ‘Spatik Maala’. In the following paras, we are going to discuss on those aspects.

A Rudraksha is a seed of Eliocarpus ganitrus tree.

The literal meaning of ‘Rudraksham’ is “the tears of God”.

Here God denotes Lord Shiva, who is said to be the ‘Devadhipati’ or The God of Gods. Regarding Rudrksham, there is a story widely said and preached by Rishis.

They say that Lord Shiva while thinking about the miseries of living beings on this earth, began to cry and his tears rolled out of his eyes and fell on earth. He thought for a moment as for how to heal the people and the living beings of their miseries of life and then he transformed his tears which bore compassion of Lord Shiva into seed beads.

These seed beads, since they were the part of lord Shiva himself, bore tremendous amount of positive energy with it and has the capacity to heal once body, mind and the soul.

It is said that cosmos energy flowing out of Rudraksha has the power to create a protective serene cover around the body which protects humans from evils and any kind of negative energies. Different types of Rudraksha and its benefits normally enunciate the individual to follow the path of righteousness and virtues.

Taboos of Rudraksham


There are specific procedures and processes which are said to be strictly followed before utilizing or wearing any Rudraksha bead. There are certain ‘DOs and DONTs’ which must be followed on any account. They are as follows:-

  • There are certain customary practices related to wearing of Rudraksha. It is said that it should be preferably worn on Monday, should be worn only after taking bath and purifying our body, and the “Ohm Namah Shivaya” mantra should be chanted for at least 108 times when wore for the first time.
  • Rudraksha after the preliminary rituals of wearing for the first time, can be wore like a cloths on our body. That means possibly do not separate it from your body ever in life. However if it is desired to use it sparingly, it can be worn daily after taking bath and renounce it while going to sleep. However spare use may diminish its effect.
  • Rudraksha should never be shared, exchanged or transferred to anybody, no matter how close or blood relative he or she is there.
  • Rudraksha is not a subject or article for SHOW UP. It is like your inner garment, so it should be hidden in your body.
  • Different types of Rudraksha and its benefits cause individuals to use it as per their serene expectations.
  • Rudraksha is not to be treated some thing like a pious or serene object of Puja. One can perform his or her all activities of daily routines while wearing it like attending to the natural calls or even performing intercourse.
  • There is no restrictions on dietary habits of individuals, like what one eats. He or she can eat non-veg, veg and may drink wine etc. However religiously only vegetarian habits are prescribed. It is said that Rudraksha by its own virtues drives a man to the virtuous thoughts and he or she himself  or herself renounce their ‘TAMASHI’ life.
  • Rudraksha can be worn in black, white or yellow cotton threads also metal like gold, silver, copper can be used to wear it. If the thread gets broken while wearing, the same can be replaced like your normal jewelry.

Different Types of Rudraksha and its Benefits

Rudraksha is said to possess the virtues of Lord Shiva, therefore it is highly pious and full of energies.

It bestows the mankind with good health, wisdom, and peace of mind. There are different Types of Rudraksha and its Benefits also varies. They are depicted in the picture below.

Each kind of Rudraksha has its own benefits and effects on our body. We can study about their importance and benefits in subsequent paras.


Different types of Rudraksha and its benefits
Out of the above different types of Rudraksha, Panchmukhi or Five-faced bead is said to be safe and can be worn by any man and women and even children. They chiefly act upon the nervous system of our body and keeps our mind calm and cool.

However, for wearing other types of Rudraksha, there are few precautions and methods prescribed for deriving ultimate benefits.

There are different Types of Rudraksha and its Benefits also varies.

In total Rudraksha can be from a single face to 21 faces. But out of them only 1 to 14 faced are commonly found, which is depicted in the above picture. Even from it 4, 5 and 6 faced are only widely available.

For gaining maximum health benefits, these beads are prescribed to individuals by the Rudraksha specialist or Gurus after going through, understanding and studying the body contour, mental status and proper astrological studies of individuals before they are allowed to actually wear it.

Benefits of Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads of particular Mukhis or Faces have a definitive Factor of Resistance. It is measured in Ohms. When these beads resist the flow of bio-electrical impulses a specific ampere of current flow through it depending on the factor of resistance. This acts in tandem with a heartbeat, streamlining it and sending out specific impulses to the brain.

These impulses stimulate certain positive brain chemicals. Making us feel better, more confidants, poised and more energetic.

It has been observed that specific Mukhis or Facets of Rudraksha beads send out specific signals acting on a particular brain chemical and thereby by affecting specific positive changes in our personality.

It is well proven that the state of mind and our personality is governed almost completely by the Brain, it’s functioning and that of the Central Nervous System. Rudraksha beads act as dielectric i.e. as a storage of electrical energy. This property of Rudraksha makes it capable of stabilizing and anchoring the Bio-electric current. The values are measured in units of Farad.

Ancient epics from India has widely mentioned about the efficacy and properties of Rudraksha.


Summarizing the benefits of Rudraksha, one can depict their utility and efficacy serially as follows:-

  • Used for peace and harmony
  • Stimulates memory and decision making
  • Regulates blood pressure to normal levels
  • minimizes anxiety and stress levels
  • Increase self restrained power
  • Minimizes effects of negative energy on body
  • Balances body chakras
  • Helps in awakening of Kundalini through meditation
  • Mitigates effects of past karmas

In view of above deliberations, we can conclude that different Types of Rudraksha and its Benefits which varies lots are divine and full of positive energies. We must utilize its efficacy for deriving good health and peace of mind in our day to day life.

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