The Ultimate Revelation From Vaishno Mata ka Mandir


Are you an ardent devotee of Maa Vaishno Devi? To know the importance of Mata and her miracles, one should read and follow Vaishno Mata ka Mandir Story.

As it is rightly said that if you are a Hindu and have faith in Hindu spiritual traditions, then at least once in your lifetime, you should certainly visit Vaishno Mata ka Mandir for obtaining her divine eternal blessings.

Spiritual traditions of Hinduism, prescribes that you should enlighten your inner self so that you could achieve  Dharm, Arth, Kama, and Moksha, which is a synonym to Righteousness, Material Pursuits, Contentment and Enlightenment of life.

It is further said that May Maa Vaishno enlighten your consciousness so that you could practice the tradition of visiting the holy caves for obtaining blessings. Because this place is so pious and blessed with the cosmic positive energies that sheer by visiting the place, you would obtain peace of mind.  The panoramic surroundings of the temple which are placed in the Trikuta Mountainous regions and the enchanting journey to the place fill our hearts with the memorable experience of inequalities and divinity.

Because Vaishno Mata ka Mandir is so pious and blessed with the cosmic positive energies that sheer by visiting the place, you would obtain peace of mind.

The panoramic surroundings of the temple which are placed in the Trikuta Mountainous regions and the enchanting journey to the place fill our hearts with the memorable experience of inequalities and divinity.

Legendary Vaishno Mata ka Mandir Story


There are many famous stories about Vaishno Mata ka Mandir and one such story connotes about how the shrine was discovered.

It says that about 700 years back, one of the profound devotees of Vaishno Mata, Pandit Shridhar went on an indefinite fast, because Mata was no longer visiting him.

According to the popular belief, Mata then came into his dreams and guided him to search her in the caves of the Trikuta Mountains. This led to the discovery of the holy cave.

Pandit Shridhar found this holy cave after a big search and he also found out three heads atop a rock inside the cave. These heads have come to be known as the Holy Pindies and are being since worshiped.

When we read Vaishno Mata ka Mandir Story, we come to know that Maa Vaishno Devi also popularly known as Mata Rani is the manifested forms of Mother Goddess Mahalakshmi. The three pindis found in the holy cave symbolizes Mata Kali, Mata Vaishno, and Mata Saraswati.

The three pindis found in the holy cave symbolizes Mata Kali, Mata Vaishno, and Mata Saraswati.

The famous legendary story Behind Vaishno Mata ka Mandir is as follows.

It is said that about thousand years back, there was a poor brahmin priest living in the hilly landscape village of Hansal or Hansalli in the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. The name of the Brahmin priest was Sridhar.

Sridhar was a very devout ‘Bhakt’ of Mata and use to perform “Kanya Pujan” regularly at his home in the name of Mata. He continued this poojan at Vaishno Mata ka Mandir also later on.

As usual, one day when he was performing “Kanya Puja” of little girls at his home, he noticed the presence of a divine beautiful young girl sitting at the end of the line. Sridhar washed the feet of the girls and performed puja Nam.

After Puja, when all the girls had gone from his home, he found that the divine girl was still sitting there and waiting for Pandit Sridhar to come. When Pandit Sridhar approached her with his folded hands, the divine girl asked him to conduct a big ‘Bhandara’ where everyone from his village could feast.

Mesmerized by the divinity and pious beauty of the girl, Sridhar pleaded that he is a very poor man and how could he afford to feed so many people. The girl then told him not to worry and just arrange the ‘Bhandara’ for the people of the entire village. Then the girl walked away and disappeared.

As prescribed in the Vaishno Mata ka Mandir Story, Sridhar at this point thought much of the outcome.

He felt that there was something in the order of the girl which was compelling him to go with the dictum and perform the community feast. Finally, in the swing, he decided to hold the ‘Bhandara’ and therefore invited all the people of the village on a specific day of Kanya Puja.

Since it was an auspicious occasion and ‘Bhandara’ was held in the name of Vaishno Mata, he thought it fit to send the invitation to his Yogi Guru Gorakhnath along with his all the Disciples including the famous one “Bhairon”. While inviting Guru Gorakhnath, Pandit Sridhar narrated the whole story about the divine girl and on hearing the complete story, Guru Gorakhnath readily accepted his invitation to grace the occasion.

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On the stipulated day, Pandit Sridhar performed the puja and when people started pouring for the Bhandara, he got worried as to how to feed so many people.

In the meantime, Guru Gorakhnath also appeared with his all the disciples and Bhairon Nath. Pandit Sridhar was thinking and getting nervous about the outcome.

Suddenly he found that the divine girl has appeared from nowhere and was carrying a flask pot in her hands. The young girl smiled on finding Sridhar looking at her and feeling nervous. She politely told Sridhar to relax and get seated the villagers and Guru Gorakhnath for the feast.

Pandit Sridhar was vigorously worried as what to serve the people when they sit in the line for the food. However as if in some hypnotic effect, he obediently followed the instructions of the divine girl and got seated people in line for the food.

Guru Gorkhnath also sat along with his disciples and Bhairon Nath.

As the story about Vaishno Mata ka Mandir goes on, the young girl named Vaishnavi started moving line by line with her pot in her hands.

To the surprise of the Pandit Sridhar, she was serving people with the same pot and pouring food to their taste in their plates.

Bhairon Nath the famous disciple of Guru Gorakhnath also was surprised and he decided to test the paranormal power of the girl. The divine girl was serving the people and they were enjoying the food. Guru Gorakhnath sensing the trouble suggested his disciple Bhairon Nath not to play any folly.

The divine girl with her divine pot reached to the line of Guru Gorkhnath and started serving them.

When she approached Bhairon Nath, Bhairon asked Vaishnavi to serve him meat and wine. She refused and said that on this feast celebration, only vegetarian food could be served.

In arrogance, Bhairon tried to grab the hands of Vaishnavi, but she managed to elude him and she then fled in the form of subtle air towards the mountains. Nobody could know about the stifle between the girl and Bhairo and things went on as usual.

Defiant Bhairon closed his eyes and with his powers looked for the directions where the girl had fled. Loosing his all good sense and under the influence of wrath and lust, he started following the girl.

Maa-Vaishno-Devi-Charan-PadukaIt is said that during her flight, Vaishnavi halted at few places en route.

She felt thirsty at Barganga and thus stopped there. She pulled an arrow on earth and gush of pure water started flowing from there, where she washed her “Charan Paduka” and rested there for a while. Still today we find the imprint of Maa Vaishnavi at Barganga on the rocks where people worship it.

On learning that Bhairon was following her, Vaishnavi again moved from there and reached at Ardhkumari to hide at the “Ardhkumari Caves”. At Ardhkumari, there was a 15 feet cave where the goddess rested for nine months, as normally a baby rest in her mother’s womb.

The goddess before hiding in the cave had shown her full form to a nearby meditating Sadhu and instructed him not to tell anyone about her presence as she was going to rest and meditate in the caves.

Later on, Bhairon Nath in his utter flare of wrath and lust for the beautiful divine girl reached Ardhkumari and inquired about the girl from the meditating Sadhu.

The Sadhu told Bhairon that he has not seen anyone coming there, and he advised Bhairon not to follow that girl as she is an “Adikumari” i.e a virgin since the beginning of the universe. As we learn from Vaishno Mata ka Mandir Story, Bhairon did not pay any heed to the advice of the meditating Sadhu and again used his powers to locate the girl in the area.

He found that Vaishnavi was resting in the caves, therefore he followed her there.

When Bhairon was entering the cave from one end, Vaishnavi escaped from there from the other end by blasting an opening with her Trident. She escaped from there too and moved deeper into the mountains of the Trikuta Hills.

Beheading of Bhairon Nath

Bhairon kept his pursuit and later on reached the place of Trikuta Hills where Vaishnavi was residing and resting.

On finding Bhairon reaching again to her, the divine girl Vaishnavi got so furious that she assumed the form of Maha Kali. She decided to punish Bhairon and therefore with her Trident beheaded Bhairon. The head of Bhairon dispersed and fell about 2 Km. away from the caves, whereas his whole body fell in the caves itself.

Upon being beheaded, Bhairon realized the divinity of the girl and felt that she was the goddess, Vaishno Mata, herself.

He then started pleading before Mata to forgive him for his grave mistakes. He said that it was his pride and the lust that has driven him to perform such misdeeds. Bhairon reminded Mata that he was an ardent follower of Maa Vaishno all his life. He begged her that he did not want to be remembered as a wicked person.

The Goddess then shown mercy on him and told him not to worry and said every devotee visiting her temple in the Trikuta hills will have to pray to the temple where his head has fallen, and then only she proclaimed that the holy journey of the devotees will be completed.

After this incidence, Vaishnavi which was the human form of Mata Vaishno Devi shelved off her human form and assumed the form of a rock. Thereafter she immersed herself in meditation forever to eternity.

When the RUN and the PURSUIT activities of MAA VAISHNO DEVI and BABA BHAIRON NATH was going on, it is said in the Vaishno Mata ka Mandir Story that Pandit Sridhar got suspicious at the sudden disappearance of the divine girl.

Bhairon Nath after searching them for days and months started fasting in desolation.

Mata Vaishno Devi than appeared in the dreams of Pandit Sridhar and disclosed him about the voraciousness.

She then showed him her location in the Trikuta Hills where she had assumed the form of Stone. Pandit Sridhar thereafter trekked in jungles and reached to the caves in the Trikuta Hills where Mata was laid.

Vaishno Mata ka Mandir Story says that Pandit Sridhar started performing regular puja at the holy caves on the stone form of Mata Vaishno Devi. Pleased with the puja of Sridhar, Mata blessed him with four sons and a happy life.

Even to this days, the descendants of Pandit Sridhar perform puja daily inside the holy caves.

Before leaving this page, let us watch and listen to Vaishno Mata ka Mandir Story in a music form ‘Aalha Dhun’ sung by Soniya Sharma.

JAI MATA DI …. !!!


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